About JK7


Since I started using JK7® products, my skin is noticeably well nourished and hydrated and looks radiant. I have had comments from both friends and family on the appearance of my skin, that it looks younger and firmer and has a glow to it... even my husband has noticed a change!

Lady Clare Milford Haven

I love the ritual of facial cleansing followed by the JK7® Scrub. I was very surprised how wonderful it feels and I'm spoiled. To be honest, I have rarely felt this freshness in this intensity - and if, only in a professional beauty salon. So I can only confirm: the JK7® products truly deliver what they promise. I'm thrilled!

B.M. – Vienna / Austria

Every evening when I wash, gently apply my JK7 eye cream, serum and massage the lotion into my face I send blessings and well wishes to you. The ritual and smells of the JK7 products all have become part of this unconscious tribute. I have meant to tell you about it, but by morning when I start going about the day – I forget...

SS - Sedona, Arizona

I look forward every morning to using my luscious JK7 skincare products. They leave my skin revitalised and hydrated, and leave me feeling uplifted from the beauty of their aroma and reassured they are made with the purest of ingredients and potent natural botanicals.

JM – Adelaide, Australia

When I use the JK7 skin care product line I feel truly pampered.  What a delight for my skin. The all natural skin care line makes my skin feel nourished and truly cared for. We all deserve to look and feel our best. I especially love the moisturizing lip balm with a hint of coconut and vanilla; which takes me instantly back to the islands.  What a treat.  Thank you for these wonderful and special skin care products. When we look good, we feel good...when we feel good, our attitude changes...and attitude is everything.


JK7 skin care is something that I’ve always looked for, and for a time in my life, I felt hopeless that I would find it. To have skin care which perfectly balances my skin has been a dream. It makes my skin look happy, moisturized, and glowing and with no breakouts. Just natural and beautiful! Believe me, JK7 totally works for me!

CB- Sao Paulo, Brazil

I have had the privilege of using JK7 products for the past year and have observed a noticeable change in my skin's appearance. Using these remarkable and luxurious products has transformed the texture and firmness of my skin. My dermatologist recently commented on how healthy and youthful my skin appeared. I have sought the best in skin care, and am confident that in JK7 I have found it.

GB- Kamuela, Hawaii

I was introduced by my husband to JK7 products. One day he brought them as presents from a business-trip to Honolulu. My skin is very sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, so I have been looking for quite some time for a suitable face and body care line. JK7 hit the jackpot. It feels like it was invented with a person like me in mind, and I am so grateful for it. The heavenly aromas are balanced very finely, and you never feel anything intrusive about these fragrances. Personally I like the Cleansers, the Lip Balm with coconut flavor and the Secret Age-Defying Gel. I first could not believe it, but it really works. Thank you, Dr. Klein!

SO – Tokyo, Japan

JK7 is a life-style. What goes on your skin is formulated with the best ingredients available in nature. It works in balance with the inner you, which is important to call attention to because beauty is created from the inside out. The aroma of the JK7 products have become my daily sweet, cleansing, moisturizing addiction. I recommend to all.

LH- Prana, Brazil

From the age of 18 I have been exposed to a number of high end skin care lines. However, I have honestly never put any product like JK7 on my skin. It hydrates and balances so well that people notice and often share their compliments. Thank you Dr. Klein for creating a brilliant product to protect my skin from sun damage and aging.

YA- Coco Beach, Florida

How could anyone not like this product! As a male, it is not a cultural norm to enjoy skin care, but I can't help myself.

VB- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Finding a skin care brand that actually performs the way it says it will, is challenging to say the least. With the JK7 products I feel as though I actually get what I pay for. Investing in my skin is something that feels invaluable because I am so ecstatic about the way my skin looks and feels now.

FP- Cannes, France

I have been consistently using the JK7 Day Face Lotion for four months. The product helps keep my skin clear and minimizes the appearance of skin discoloration.

MT - Kailua, Hawaii

I have started using the JK7 products 2 months ago and my skin has changed already for the better. It glows, is totally moisturized and has changed the overall appearance for the better. Besides the aromatherapy effect, the natural scents give me an energetic uplift every morning. Can't live without these products anymore. I am so grateful that I discovered them.

AM- Lugano, Switzerland

My son (20months), my wife and I have been using JK7 Skin Care products for about six months for the whole family. They are 100% natural, feel great and above all deliver results. From a Daddy's perspective its awesome and the family loves the improved healthy and younger looks. A big winner in our books.

JR - Bangkok, Thailand

The JK7 Eye Cream (Chamomile & Rose) is my absolute favorite: I could see a more relaxed skin and less wrinkles around my eyes after the first week of use. This cream penetrates in a timely manner, smells divine and it's deeply moisturizing effect lasts a very long time. I am always looking forward to my next JK7 skin care ritual. My skin looks better and feels better. Pores have minimized. And, other people complement positively about my skin, since I am using JK7 all the time.

SE – Munich, Germany

Ever since I visited the lab in Hawaii, where the new line of JK7 skin care products was developed and are being produced, I am a huge fan. You feel like entering a herb garden in full bloom. The fragrances there will make everybody an instant convert. My favorite is the 24 Hour Day and Night Face Cream, which perfectly hydrates and protects my dry skin. I also use it after shaving. People around me love the elegant scent and keep on asking where I managed to get this cream from.

WV – Vienna, Austria

When Jurlique was first sold, I ran across a Jurlique's salon at Aoyama in Japan. It excited my senses, and changed my lifestyle as well as beauty. I used the Jurlique products for a long time after Dr. Jurgen Klein sold the company. I feel it is destiny that I now have the benefit of using one of Dr. Jurgen Klein's products again through JK7®.

A. Oishi, Japan

I am very impressed with JK7® so far, and I have tried literally every organic skincare range you can imagine.

C. B. - Bristol, UK

The 30-day test phase is now over, and I am totally inspired by the JK7® concept and skincare products! My skin appearance has improved greatly and I am very happy not to have to wear make-up for the first time in my life. My problem skin has improved and looks healthy and radiant. The result is particularly extraordinary because I work as a flight attendant, and with the environmental influences such as time zone changes, dry air and long shifts, it's a profession that has very negative effects on the skin. I have tried many products, and had unsuccessful results, until now.

V.B - Switzerland

I wanted to tell you how fabulous your skin care is. I absolutely adore the face wash and moisturiser. I can honestly say I don’t think I have used a wash so cleansing and beautifully scented or a moisturiser that has been so nice and replenishing for my skin which looks very clear. You might also like to know I shared it with my friend who has very sensitive skin and she also said most moisturisers leave her skin looking red and this doesn't and she feels it's made a real difference to her too.

D.W. Luxury Print Director, London, UK

I bought your products on Swiss International Airlines and I am absolutely thrilled with your products. My skin is feeling and looking so much better! Everyone is remarking on how good my skin looks, since I started using JK7! Thank you JK7.

Mish Mish, from Oman

I would like to tell you how wonderful your JK7® products are.
I could feel it during and after the application. I enjoyed the treatment and each and every product had its amazing effect.

A.R, Austria

Using the JK7 products has made me feel completely different about my skin. I am a woman who normally does not feel ready for the day until I have my makeup on. Now though, I feel ready for the day as soon as I have gone through my JK7 skin care ritual. My skin looks moisturized, and fresh and I want to use less makeup so that my skin’s natural beauty can shine through.

AK - Honolulu, Hawaii

JK7 are the only products that I use since my skin is very sensitive. They really do what they claim and you can feel the difference right away on your skin and for the rest of the day. I would not use anything else.

PS - Zurich, Switzerland

I am extremely selective about what I put on my skin, as well as a skeptic of the wide range of “anti-aging” products on the market and their gimmicks. Dr. Klein has truly made the purest and most beneficial products I have ever used.

CA - Haleiwa, Hawaii