Our Partners

Bill Braden

As lovers of both the fine arts and the Hawaiian Islands, we at JK7® are proud to announce our partnership with Bill Braden. Bill Braden is one of Hawaii’s most celebrated and admired artists. Best known for having been commissioned to paint “The Best Beaches of Hawaii”, the City and County of Honolulu selected Bill from over 200 applicants nationwide for this “percent for art” project. Reproductions of this series and many of the artist’s other images of Hawaii are now available at galleries and stores throughout the major Hawaiian Islands, as well as on the mainland USA. Specializing in public scale work, Bill creates originals in oil, pastels, stone, and metal. A graduate of Kailua High School and the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence and Rome, Italy, he was also educated at The Royal Academy of Art in London. His Mission: Creating art that celebrates God’s glory. In 2009, Bill Braden Artist Company received the “John Kelly Environmental Award” from Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter for the company’s work with helping our world through art. It is our pleasure to enter into this partnership and to have the opportunity to support like-minded people, who are working to perpetuate the greatness of Hawaii. Through our partnerships we can help to sustain this positive momentum.


Seaside - painting by Bill Braden        Bill Braden in his studio


Ngeringa Vineyards

JK7® warmly invites you to share in our partnership with Ngeringa Vineyards of South Australia, makers of high quality bio-dynamically grown organic wines. With Ngeringa we share not only a business partnership, but more importantly, the philosophy of healthy living and hands-on care for our ailing earth environment. Ngeringa’s vines grow in the fertile soil once used for the infamous Jurlique herb farm. Without the use of any chemicals like pesticides and insecticides, this precious patch of Mother Earth has now been certified as bio-dynamic for over 25 years. 

The handcrafted wines of Ngeringa (choose from: Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and others) have been surprising customers around the world and we, along with many wine-gourmets, could not recommend them more highly. As a JK7® Club member you will receive valuable information and special offers from Ngeringa. For the story of Ngeringa, please read below. Salute!

Ngeringa is a now 10 year old vineyard in an ancient place with a powerful philosophy entwining them. Winegrowers Erinn and Janet Klein believe Ngeringa carries an energy which identifies its individuality and sense of place. Comprised of three small vineyards and nourished through the simplicity of biodynamic farming practices, Ngeringa’s minimalist approach to both the growing and the making of the wine is purposely traditional. Favoring hand harvest, small-batch winemaking and wild fermentation, with the aim of creating wines with elegance and structure. Armed with a single-minded reverence for the art, tradition and mystique of fine wine, Erinn and Janet Klein launched themselves wholeheartedly into the creation of Ngeringa Vineyards. They are motivated by their belief that great wine holds the secret of the unique and healthy soils in which it is grown, is full of vitality and expression and carries the respect for tradition and (ultimately) biodynamic wine growing.


Ngeringa - Janet & Erinn        Ngeringa - Capsules