About JK7

The JK7® SPA Sensator

Inspired by his life-long desire to contribute to well-being, longevity and the betterment of the planet, Dr. Jurgen Klein has devoted the past 5 years to research and development resulting in this groundbreaking invention. Along the way he has cooperated with several international universities in their respective areas of expertise to further support his research with plant substances and action on the five senses.

In keeping with his philosophy to improve longevity and wellbeing, the quintessence of theJK7™Dr. Jurgen Klein built the first prototype at the famous Sullivan Estate on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The JK7- SPA Sensator® simultaneously uses Aroma, Sound and Color therapy to transcend the traditional 5 senses (smell, vision, hearing, taste, touch). Carefully programmed sequences of color, sound, scent, mist, and warm salt water are felt, then reported to the brain, being translated into real physiological and physical reactions and responses. A sensual cleansing process from past memories and “mind-garbage” takes place. Enhanced through the effects of weightlessness in a non-claustrophobic environment, cool mist induction technology with natural essential oils and state-of-the-art color, sound and aroma therapy system, lets body and mind deeply relax. The result is a never before encountered, unforgettable and lasting experience.