About JK7

The JK7® SPA & WELLNESS Retreat @ Soho

The JK7® Sonnenhof, SOHO in short, represents an innovative extension of the Sullivan Estate & JK7® SPA Retreat in Hawaii. The latter is the world’s first holistic anti-stress center – a wellness dream that was brought to life by Dr. Jurgen and Karin Klein in 2007 and is now being continued in the Carinthian Alps.

SOHO is a hideaway for all those seeking the extraordinary, wishing to retreat and wanting to reconnect with their inner self. The breathtaking beauty of the Carinthian mountains and valleys provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable wellness experience in absolute privacy, top exclusivity and relaxing tranquility. As inside so outside, as outside to within: SOHO’s holistic approach provides an exceptionally wellbeing effect and paves the way to your inner peace and balance.

The Sonnenhof offers its guests authentic wellness, yoga and meditation, horseback riding clinics on well-trained sports horses, as well as hiking excursions. Special highlights also include the unique JK7® natural skin care line (a world novelty in that it harmoniously fuses purity with effectiveness) and the JK7® Spa Sensator®, a new, patented natural therapy facility. Needless to say, the natural, sustainable JK7® lifestyle also includes vegetarian and vegan culinary delights that stimulate all the senses and create lasting memories.

As is the case with the Sullivan Estate & JK7® SPA Retreat in Hawaii, the owners have also placed great emphasis on sustainability at their second location in the Carinthian Alps. The interior of the four luxury suites boasts bright colors, natural materials and finishes, and a modern style and ambience. In short: Aesthetics all the way – embedded in the Carinthian SOHO oasis of well-being.

Allow yourself to be spoiled and find your way back to your origin – the place where everything is possible (again). 


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