About JK7

Eco & Charity Activities

One of the great motivations behind our involvement in Eco & Charity Activities, is to see the many positive changes that can occur in individuals and communities around the world. Sometimes very little is needed to start the process of change for the better.

We encourage people to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, just as we do most passionately. Eliminating meat, junk-food and GMO products from the diet, and paying attention to the quality of your drinking water (no chlorine, fluoride or other harmful chemicals) no matter where you are in the world. Change experienced within equals change experienced on the outside.

It is often among the youth, who are our planets future, that we see the most change for the better. For this reason we put a strong emphasis on educational projects for youngsters. It is with the youth that we will see the largest progress!

We support activities and charities which we know personally, so that we can be certain the money 
goes into the cause and not into administration or to so called negative developments (eg. conventional drug and cancer research).  We have not listed all our commitments on this webpage, especially not the ones for our community close by, where much help is needed in everyday life.

At JK7® we live a very sustainable lifestyle. We have one of the largest solar systems in Hawaii, cultivate organic gardens of which our valuable guests and customers, when visiting, get a taste of, and all of our products are natural based, sustainable, animal-, GMO- and chemical-free.

Please become a part for the better of this beautiful planet too! Little is needed from each of us every day to encourage the green lifestyle and decrease the demand for chemicals which create faster aging, and more disease, causing the ailing planet and her people to suffer more...

If you have any questions concerning this subject please contact us at [email protected].