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  • I wanted to tell you how fabulous your skin care is. I absolutely adore the face wash and moisturiser. I can honestly say I don’t think I have used a wash so cleansing and beautifully scented or a moisturiser that has been so nice and replenishing for my skin which looks very clear. You might also like to know I shared it with my friend who has very sensitive skin and she also said most moisturisers leave her skin looking red and this doesn't and she feels it's made a real difference to her too.

    D.W. Luxury Print Director, London, UK

  • Using the JK7 products has made me feel completely different about my skin. I am a woman who normally does not feel ready for the day until I have my makeup on. Now though, I feel ready for the day as soon as I have gone through my JK7 skin care ritual. My skin looks moisturized, and fresh and I want to use less makeup so that my skin’s natural beauty can shine through.

    AK - Honolulu, Hawaii

  • From the age of 18 I have been exposed to a number of high end skin care lines. However, I have honestly never put any product like JK7 on my skin. It hydrates and balances so well that people notice and often share their compliments. Thank you Dr. Klein for creating a brilliant product to protect my skin from sun damage and aging.

    YA- Coco Beach, Florida